BAOSEN granite parts, base of your precision machine

Custom granite base, gantry, support

BAOSEN conceive, develop and manufacture granite machine base for GEN5.5 to GEN10 FPD prodcution line with adanced assembly, bonding and air bearing technology. BAOSEN granite will help your machine achieve high accuracy and high speed inspection and repair.

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Precison Granite Baseplates for Aerospace Testing

This granite table is the largest and most precision granite table for GNC lab in China. It is used for full physical simulation experiments of lunar orbit rendezvous and docking and sample transfer, test and verification of each stage, the simulation of emergency evacuation and so on.

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Granite Base for Mobile Touch Screen

Applied to engraving machine for touch screen. With Jinan Black/Zhangqiu Black granite, Baosen supplies high precision bases, supports and gantries for CNC machines

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BAOSEN provide solutions in precision granite

Why granite?


After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging treatment, the internal stress has long been eliminated, the structure is stable, hardly deformed, and the long-term stability of accuracy can be maintained.

High and stable accuracy

It takes a short time from the raw stone to the finished granite product, and the precision reaches the micron level.

Good physical property

The internal damping coefficient is 15 times larger than that of steel and does not transmit vibration. Vibration is a disadvantage factor in precision machinery and ultra-precision machining. The greater the internal damping coefficient, the less the possibility of vibration caused by external forces. Non-conductive, anti-magnetic, and will not stick and magnetize with metals.

Easy processing

It is easy to obtain high surface roughness and precision by grinding and lapping, unlike metal parts which need complex sand turning, forging or heat treatment processes, so the processing equipment is simple. It will be short leadtime and easy installation with granite parts

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