Granite applications for FPD production

BAOSEN precision granite products are applied in all FPD production lines of BOE, Samsung and LG Display, including array, color film, box and module of the production process of various equipment, effectively ensure that the production process from glass substrate into the display.

Through the perfect combination of granite and metal parts, the special performance of granite is applied to air bearing operation. At the same time, linear motor is installed on high precision granite bases to realize high-speed operation of equipment. The accuracy of thetravelling repetitive positioning accuracy is +/-1 m.

BAOSEN has RENISHAW laser interferometer, automatic level, micrometer and other testing equipment to ensure that each product after strict testing qualified factory.

Granite application for semiconductor manufacturing devices

Making high precision granite parts according to customers' design drawings contributes to the function improvement and precision assurance of semiconductor devices.

Using ultra precision lapping technology to improve the accuracy of the equipment. The goal is to use advanced equipment to ensure the limits of dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, flatness, parallelism, angle tolerance, etc.

Granite stage for linear motor system

This high accuracy, direct drive, XY gantry is for additive manufacturing, laser processing, or optical inspection. Enclosed stages with air purge and special connectors resist particulate intrusion.

High accuracy ball-screw Z-axis includes a linear encoder for excellent accuracy and repeatability. The system includes a sealed rotary axis in granite sidewalls for tilting/rotating parts below the gantry. Air-isolated granite minimizes floor vibrations from disturbing system performance.

Granite bases, beams and Z-axis for coordinate measuring machines

Granite is lighter than steel and heavier than aluminum. It is widely used in large-scale CMM.

The main advantages of granite are small deformation, good stability, no rust, easy to make plane processing, easy to achieve a higher flatness than cast iron, suitable for making high-precision platform and guide rail. At present many three coordinate measuring machines use this material. For example, Leitz and Zeiss three coordinate measuring machines are mostly made of granite materials. The base, workbench, bridge frame, guide rails of each axis and Z axis of the full-granite fixed-bridge high-precision CMM can be manufactured entirely from granite. Granite can be used as worktable, square, column, cross beam, guideway, bracket, shell and so on. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of granite is small, it is very suitable for matching with air floating guideway.

BAOSEN granite thru holes are processed at one time to minimize the weight of granite cross beam and Z-axls.

BAOSEN granite tables for GNC full physical simulation laboratory have been approved by the expert group.

    This granite table is the largest and most precision granite table for GNC lab in China.

    It is used for full physical simulation experiments of lunar orbit rendezvous and docking and sample transfer, test and verification of each stage, the simulation of emergency evacuation and so on.

    The laboratory was put into operation in 2015. The most striking one is a super-large, super-flat granite supporting platform, which is the largest and the highest level ground experimental platform in the same field in China so far. The total area of the laboratory is about the size of three basketball courts.
    Zhang Yongzhi, a researcher in the laboratory, said that similar platforms abroad mostly use glass and cast iron, but they have a common shortcoming, that is, the accuracy is not high enough, cast iron platform maintenance is too troublesome. Therefore, 502 chose a kind of granite called Jinan Black, which is one of the hardest and most stable granites in the world.


    The granite table constitutes with 200 pcs 3000x2000mm small granite plates and it is the largest GNC testing table in China and also one of the largest table around the world.
The flatness of the tables is within 6μm.